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Basic Excel v/s Advanced Excel

  • There is no real count of excel users in the world. However, Microsoft claimed it had 30 million users of Excel!!  Hang on....that was back in 1996. Wow!!!

  • Even with such a large user base, many use it to only store and format data for reports and presentations. Such users are often comfortable with like inputting data and basic level of formatting with fonts and colors along with using applying basic arithmetic formulas.

  • However, Advanced Excel focuses on analyzing and solving complex issues with data in a breeze with formulas, pivots, charts to name a few. Also Advanced Excel skills command doing more with Excel in less time with shortcuts. 
What are Excel VBA/Macros ? Are they part of Advanced Excel ?

  • Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is the name of the language that Excel understands and is bused by Excel to take instructions from the user.

  • Just like you and me may speak languages like English, French etc, Excel understand the language VBA. The term 'Macro' here denotes the set of instructions given to Excel in VBA

  • Excel VBA is generally known to be a part of Advanced Excel. However, it is recommended that users learning Excel VBA need to be comfortable with Advanced Excel. Excel VBA is like a Robot who does all repetitive tasks in Excel for you so that you relax and watch You Tube videos at work :)