Data Magix

  Excelling with Data

Data Magix was founded with an objective to tackle two problems faced today by professionals who use Microsoft Excel in their daily work

1. Difficulty to work with large data sets and producing effective Excel reports for Reporting and Analysis 
2. Performing repetitive tasks in Excel such as copy pasting, importing and formatting Excel based reports

At Data Magix, we love to solve these two problems so that you can perform magic with Excel !!!

Our Solution - Training and Consulting

Training programs from Data Magix, aims to empower, primarily the Excel users of leading Organizations with customized programs for better decision making and building Analysis for business with Excel tools and techniques. 

These courses include industry specific case studies designed in conjunction with the client so that the participants get first-hand experience in working with data sets specific to their industry. We believe in designing tailor made courses for our clients in order to maximize effectiveness of our training programs

Our Consulting solutions aim at improving productivity and efficiency at your workplace by automating all those tasks which your employees perform on a repetitive basis.

Excel report automation

Excel VBA (Macros)

Designed for professionals from a non programming background who use Excel everyday for reporting, budgeting, data extraction and generating M.I.S.

This program focuses on Automating repetitive tasks in Excel at the click of a button.
Formulas and Functions training

Advanced Excel for Reporting and Analysis

This program focuses on Data Analysis using Formulas, Functions and Data Operational tools.

Best suited for Professionals who wants to use even the most complex formulas, functions and analysis tools in Excel with ease and confidence
Consulting for companies


We can improve on the time and efforts spent by your employees in using Excel by automating repetitive tasks performed in Excel